Magnolias | We Meditate


Alice Tomlinson, FR
Meditating for 20 years

It’s not easy to show what is hidden inside us, even to ourselves.
Sometimes the inhibitions affect us more than we’d ever know, but look - the magnolias come out before their leaves.
This is different to most.
By doing so, we get to see the blossoms only in these trees, while the others slowly begin to put on their green coat.

This flower finds the time when its beauty will be acknowledged and bring a smile to those that pass it.

It expresses that beauty while the other flowers are just beginning to wake up.
Once these start to grow, creating luscious colourful blankets like a skilled patchwork on the earth below, the magnolias happily leave the scene, having performed their duty.


In the curl of a dried-up leaf,
In the branch of a growing tree,
In the scent of a blooming rose,
Where your mark is ever present,
We see you and adore you

Among the chirping birds,
Among the rustling leaves,
Among the sun’s dancing rays,
Where your mark is ever present,
We see you and adore you

Beyond the towering mountains,
Beyond the vast green plains,
Beyond the endless oceans,
Where your mark is ever present,
We see you and adore you

Let me learn from you,
Let me flow with you,
Let me be one with you
Mother Nature

About the artist
Alice Tomlinson, FR
Doctoral Student
Meditating for 20 years

Aged 24, Alice will soon be starting a doctorate in Paris on malaria research. Having been introduced to Sahaja Yoga meditation very early on in life, it has helped her to open up in many ways. Nurturing this connection with her spirit has helped her to train her attention in such a way that she can tune in with her intuition, and with the nature all around. This has allowed her to find inspiration for various creative outlets including poetry and singing.